Family values. Firm business ethics. Professionalism.


The Siy Family, led by the matriarch Dominga Siy, has been practicing these since it started a wholesale textile business in Binondo. After 40 years of operations, the Siy Family decided to diversify into a complementary business -- food.

Sermasison Corporation has a nationwide distribution network covering Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Sermasison Corporation services a wide range of distribution channels from supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries to hotels, restaurants, specialty shops, hospitals, bakeshops, pet shops and coffee shops.

Manufacturers who partner with Sermasison to bring their products into the Philippines know that Sermasison gives special attention to each and every product it takes on. Sermasison is a brand builder with a unique eye for quality, value-conscious products.

Sermasison Corporation is already a major player in its product categories and enjoys a sizable share in the imported food market.

Sermasison Corporation looks forward to the future of making lives even better by making available to Philippine consumers the best foods the world has to offer!


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